Yes, I still practice Ashtanga

I don’t know why, but I haven’t felt like talking about my yoga practice over the past few days…hence the Keira Knightley and Trapeze posts. But I do feel obligated to make a few notes about my practice, mainly for the sake of record-keeping. So, here goes:

  • Thursday, practiced at Shala X
  • Friday, self-practice (with an audience)
  • Saturday, yogi’s holiday (had planned to Bikramize but it never panned out, due in part to low motivation to feel myself melting into a puddle)
  • Sunday, practiced 5 A’s and 5 B’s and the first few standing poses before breakfast and then full practice, minus the shoulder-standing sequence, before dinner.
  • Monday, after hiking up Monument Mountain with the entire Yoga Chickie family, including Lewis the Bagle, eating a late lunch and then traveling three hours North into the White Mountains of New Hampshire to be ready for an early morning visit to yet another sleep-away camp, I found myself, for, perhaps the first time since I began practicing Ashtanga in the Mysore style, looking at 9 p.m. without having practiced and without any good reason other than simply not having fit it into my day. For shame, Yoga Chickie!! But I did rally and squeeze in the entire standing series while we waited for room service to arrive.
  • Tuesday, I practiced in full on my roof after we arrived home, finishing right at sundown (in theory, just in time for the fireworks, although we ended up missing them anyway due to bad planning).
  • Wednesday, back to Shala X and the BEST, I mean BEST, Supta K adjustment EVER. I know I have been saying that quite a lot lately. But this time, I really, really, really mean it. Sir had my hands together for more than five breaths. He seems to be focusing more on getting my hands together than getting my ankles onto the back of my neck, which makes perfect sense to me given that my hips are plenty open, but my chest and shoulders not so much.
  • Today, I woke up EXHAUSTED and ended up taking Christopher’s half-primary led class at noon instead of pushing myself to practice at 9 a.m. (okay, more like 9:20, but you get the point). Totally fabulous practice – at Christopher and Erika’s 1/2 primary classes, students who practice further than 1/2 primary are welcome to finish their entire practice, and so I did. And yet I somehow managed to catch up to the class by the time I got to the three padmasanas at the end. It was shocking to see that I could finish my entire practice, including savasana, in 60 minutes. Shocking to realize how much dawdling I do when I am leading myself in the Mysore setting.

And that’s where I’m at. Basically, nothing really new to report on the practice front. On other fronts, made some plans today to do some yoga tourism with a delightful friend whose name I shall refrain from naming, in order to protect her from the yoga police. Met my friend E for some girly activities (a trip to Devachan, where I parked myself under a nice warm hair dryer and watched E transform into a Curly Girl and then lunch at Balthazar). Picked up Adam from the camp bus (Brian had a sleep-over at a camp friend’s house) and spent two hours in the playground. Oh, and my sleeping bag arrived from EMS…looks like I am Yoga Shala Summer Camp bound (I just need my nifty little pup tent to arrive).

I am TIRED. My eyes feel like they’re burning, and my lids are desperate to close.

Now why would that BE?



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