Dear Sir

A shala mate who goes by the name Anonymous has given me an absolutely brilliant idea (see last comment on this post:

Dear “Sir”,

There bad lady in class called Yoga Chickie? She lazy to do Supta Kurmasana? Arms too short, chest too tight, mind too small? You know who I talking about. I think you very good teacher for patient with Yoga Chickie.

Now let bad lady do next pose.



Forgery. It’s what’s for criminal.

Now, if I only had the guts.



5 Responses to Dear Sir

  1. Ursula says:

    Do it like many Ashtangis do it: Practice secretly the asanas you like. Give yourself the allowance. If you like to do the next asana, I think you are ready for the next asanas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No true ashtangis do that. Like my friend once said: Do you want to practice ASANA or YOGA?

  3. yoga chickie says:

    Ursula is a true ashtangi and she does it, so I guess that disproves the point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    patience yoga c. practice like there is nothing else coming.

    one day you’ll be wishing for the days that you didnt have to do whole primary.

    trust me!

    otherwise if you feel waiting is impossible you should really try talking to sir. i’m sure he’d be interested to talk it out with you.

  5. yoga chickie says:

    I was just kidding! I swear! I really am enjoying my practice, even the part where I yearn to do more. It’s all part of the practice. This blog is just “stuff” I write, to entertain myself, perchance to entertain anyone who cares to read it.


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