Busy, busy, bizzy, bzzzy, bzzzy, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So busy. SO busy these last few days of the school year. An endless run of playdates, park outings, publishing parties, class presentations, and I’m getting my teaching going on again to boot. Taught my lunch class on Tuesday at Yoga Sutra – always fun. Tonight is Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors. Friday is my late lunch class at Yoga Sutra. Next week, adding a class geared to those already in the physical fitness business. And a private client. Oy!

Also, planning a trip to Estes Park, Colorado for late September. Meeting my cousin, Debpc, and hitting some of the Yoga Journal Conference workshops. Just for kicks. And the cousin-cousin bonding. Debby and I have run many a mile together, having trained for and run a NYC Marathon together. Now we both practice yoga, although at this point our yogic interests are a bit divergent, hers more toward an eclectic mix of Kundalini and creative flow (Baptiste, Shiva Rea) with some Ashtanga thrown in, and mine, well, you know mine. All Ashtanga, all the time. Except when I teach, of course.

Practice is good. VERY good. One complaint: Sir is absolutely STEADFAST in not giving ANY adjustments after the strike of 10:15. On the other hand, this gave me the opportunity to rebind in Mari D, without rushing (damn it, yes, I rushed through Mari D to get to Supta K before he left the room, but twas all in vain) and to spend extra extra time doing some extracurricular work on the topc of Supta K – working those eka padas, getting one ankle behind my head at a time and feeling the feeling of it all, wondering how I will ever manage to have ankles behind head without feeling like my head is going to pop off.

Bounty continues to be helpful, but even more helpful is practicing near that wonderful screen door.

Ya’all will probably miss the new comment on a long since past entry, but apparently one of my shalamates (an anonymous, I might add) has finally bound in Supta K after a long long period of finger-grazing. But congrats to my homey. Shizzizzle in that Supta Kizzizzle, yo!

Wow, it’s getting late, and I must haul some ass to get to my class!



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