Sorry in advance to all the tree-huggers out there who can’t bear to know that trees get pulped to save my bind, but the Bounty is seriously having a soothing effect on my practice. Also, it helps to practice near a window. But I found today that I wiped my sweat far LESS when I could wipe it more effectively. And there were no falling portraits. And practice truly rocked.

As for Ahimsa – the practice of nonviolence – we do what we can. Or at least I do what I can. I am sure that there are aspects of my life that could use some overhaul, but for all of those who point fingers, well, as they say, when you point, there are usually three fingers still pointing back at you. My use of Bounty may be less than non-violent with respect to long-term effects on the environment, but then, I would say that my words and manner of speaking and identifying my comments on other peoples’ blogs is more non-violent than my various “anonymous” commenters who hide under “anonymous” in order to post their judgements in coarse and unkind tones. When have something not-so-nice to say, I either say it with my own name to back it up and take my punishment accordingly, or if I can’t bear to sign my name, then it is a sure sign that I am saying something of which I am not proud.

Off I go. Time to pick up the kiddies. More on this later, maybe.



16 Responses to Bountiful

  1. jody says:

    did i miss something in an earlier post? why cant you use a towel, or if thats too thick try using a bandana. or like i did this morning use an old tshirt…
    jes wonderin’

  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont think your anon posters were trying to offend you or pass judgement but they were just trying to inform you, and in essence help. They could of been a lot more meaner about it in thier cooments and I think you should give them some credit rather than passing possibly thinly veiled judgements about how they may view ahisma in thier lives.

    If u really feel you must use paper towels i say go for it, but honestly using some sort of item you can recycle really is better in the end. Being wasteful just reminds people so much of why we Americans can totally suck. Every citizen in the united states should be required to visit a landfill and learn more about thier area’s waste removal. It would really make you sick, I guarantee!!!

    Please don’t take offense to my comments. Just my opinion.


    ( theres nothing wrong in this day and age of “big brother is watching” to sign anonymously if you are being given the choice to do so on a public forum by the way)

  3. samasthiti says:

    Lauren, you could use a paper towel that’s made from post consumer use paper waste. Not as absorbent but PC, for your Anon “friends” out there. Big sissys.
    Do you really bring a roll with you? I mean really!?
    What a hoot……

  4. Anonymous says:

    I dont understand what’s wrong with signing anonymously on a blog? It shouldn’t make you a bad person, or god forbid a “sissy”, none of posters on that other section wrote anything that is shameful from what I can see.
    I think the fact that you took offense probably shows that deep down inside for you– wasting all that paper kind of bothers you too- i ‘m sure you care about the environment like evryone else these days!!!
    Also you might want to look into getting your thyroid checked out. You’ve probably had this issue all your life I’m sure, but it’s still worth speaking to someone about maybe, that thing seems tyo go out of whack obnce we get older anyway.

    just a suggestion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You go girl with those Bountiful towels that you purchased in NJ with its most excellent waste management executives. You should move to NJ. We would welcome you, especially in Essex County.

    Tee Hee Hee – no doubt about who this is.

  6. yoga chickie says:

    I don’t have an issue with anonymous posters in general, which is why I don’t ban them from posting, among other reasons. But what I do not like is when people use the anonymous option in order to say something to me that they wouldn’t be comfortable saying to my face, or the equivalent.

    I don’t have a thyroid problem. I have a dislike-of-slippery-sweat problem. I do not feel that my Bounty usage is in any way instructive of my general treatment of the environment. You can’t look at a grain of sand on the beach and maintain that you are standing in a desert.

  7. DK says:


    May I guess that your roll of bounty will last more than one practice:)?

    You probably use less paper towels than most of us use tissues during practice during allergy season.

    Now go hug your rescue beagle for me:)


  8. yoga chickie says:

    You are correct in your assumption, DK – I think it will take me quite a while to get through my roll. People like to pick, pick, pick…

  9. Richard says:

    Big Brother is going to care about your post on Yoga Chickie about BOUNTY…? Puhleese…

  10. yoga chickie says:

    Hmmm…Actually, I do think that it could depend upon who the applicable “Big Brother” is perceived to be…

  11. Anonymous says:

    don’t be silly. of course the whole “big brother is watching” scenario was a joke.Lighten up.

    everything that you value about your life is connected to how you treat others and other things–living and non living. I think the people that wrote were only trying to help and were not looking for a fight.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t belong to blogger hence no name to log into. It’s not a hidden agenda, it’s purely laziness on my part.

    I didn’t see anything horrible in the anon posters comments, that they’d feel the need to shield themselves, but I guess you do.

    Lynn Anne

  13. yoga chickie says:

    Did you notice “DK” a few comment up? Not a blogger. But not anonymous either. Again, I repeat, I do not have a problem with anonymous commentators, PER SE. If I did, I would ban them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    When Bounty’s lawyers find these posts in their trademark-infringement quest, maybe they’ll pass the comments along to the marketing people…can’t you just see it? A little picture of YC on the packaging doing an asana? With her trusty super-absorbant yoga prop – a roll of Bounty!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well, you are brave to let people post anonymous. I enjoy your Yoga blog, but am not surprised that you have been discovered by people thinking your statements and comments are so much hooey? The purpose and conviction of your views are what will continue to impress me in the future as you ignore, engage or smile at the opinions of the anonymous posters. I only wish the Yoga boards had the courage that you have to let anonymous posting. There is so much ‘group think’ from the same few posters over the years…Yawn…

  16. yoga chickie says:

    Group-think! Such a good way to put it. I see quite a bit of that not only on the yoga boards but everywhere I ever participate on the net. There’s an upside to it, suppose, which is that it keeps people “behaving politely” (well, sort of) within the mores of their community. But the downside is that there seems to be a large “run this person out on a rail” mentality when someone comes in with differing (and perhaps…seductively so?) views that challenge the status quo (and perhaps stir up wishes and thoughts that the group-thinkers would rather keep in check?).

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