Kurmasana is like pizza

May 25, 2006

Even when it’s bad, it’s good.

So, I fell out of Titti (as my friend L calls it) on my way out of Bhuja. So, I was so slippery (wearing capris for no apparent reason) that I couldn’t even press up to Titti after Supta K. So, I couldn’t lift my heels in Kurmasana without bruising my triceps. So. What.

Self-practice tomorrow, hopefully in a heated room. Some might call it Bikram followed by the middle third of Primary. But I will call it self-practice.

Adam’s seven today.

Did you know that when they were still horsedrawn, busses were called “omnibusses”? And here I was thinking that “omnibus” was an adjective describing a law that covers many sundry topics. Learn something new in First Grade every day.



The inevitable Lost post

May 25, 2006

So many have tried to imitate the Twilight Zone, and yet with the exception of Big, which, in any event, pretended to be light comedy, none have ever successfully pulled it off.

Until Lost.

Lost is like the longest, bestest Twilight Zone episode ever.


I would like to think…

May 24, 2006

that wearing these thong-alicious better-than-Birkenstock sandals helps define me as at least somewhat hip, with the artistic and comfort sensibilities of, well, maybe, a dancer.

I am deeply afraid, however, that wearing these orthopedically correct, rocker-bottom, sensibly comfortable or (dear god, no!), perhaps comfortably sensible, shoes begins to define me as at least somewhat middle-aged, with the arthritic and osteoporotic sensibilities of, well, I suppose it is inevitable, a woman of a certain age.

There was a time when I might gaze into the window of a chic boutique and long for the fabulous shoes with the breathtakingly high heels. Now when I gaze into the same window, what I long for is not so much the shoes, but what having a use for them might represent….

I’m just saying.


Boring drivel

May 24, 2006

Last night was Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors at the Arch, and it was soooo good. It could have been soooo bad….somehow there was a glitch, for like the third time in a row, and we lost our main space. We ended up having to practice in a tiny little room used during the day by a painter. It barely fits two mats, and when we first opened the door, we were greeted by the smell of oil paint. But since the room was so small with big big windows, it took only a few minutes to air it out. Then we burned some incense and we were good to go. I really enjoyed teaching last night. I felt like I was bringing something to the table. I don’t always feel that way, you know. I need to get back to teaching a bit more. I have been really lazy about it and selfish with my own practice. So, Saturday, I’m teaching a class at Boom Fitness. And then starting in June, I might have mentioned this already, I am teaching lunchtime classes at Yoga Sutra for Sarah W through August (I think?) while she is away in Croatia.

I do like the long-term sub gigs. Less burnout. Less concern with boring my students. I would imagine that hearing the same stuff, granted, perhaps in a different order, or coming from a slightly different “angle”, over and over again from the same teacher would be kind of boring to many vinyasa students, many of whom are practicing vinyasa in order to enjoy the “something different each time” that vinyasa provides.

So, it’s finally gorgeous in NYC again. It’s May, after all. It SHOULD be nice out. As for me, I feel a bit weary today. Is it that I taught last night? Or that I went deeper than usual in yesterday’s practice, and now I need some recovery time? Is it that I ate some God-forsaken grilled chicken in my salad last night? Is it that I am dehydrated? I felt myself dragging through practice more slowly than usual today. Despite my willing myself to move faster (and by “faster”, I mean, up to a normal speed, sans fiddling with clothing, extra breaths unintentionally taken here and there….), I just couldn’t seem to get to Supta K before Sir left the room. Which was fine anyway. I probably needed a break from the adjustments anyway.

Nevertheless, it was a fine practice. They can’t all be life-altering, cataclysmic, epiphanistic (if that is even a word), euphoric, transcendant experiences. Oh, and here is some good news for those who practice at Shala X who have the Sir-attachment thing going on: he will be there most of the summer. And some good news for those who miss Mark: he will probably be coming for a few weeks this summer.

And tonight……….is the Lost Season Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not expecting any real surprises. I pretty much have a sense of what is going on, or at least I think I do: the Others have voluntarily left civilization and are looking to create some kind of uber-civilization (if a diet consisting solely of fruits and dried fish and wiping one’s butt with leaves, rather than toilet paper, can be viewed as “uber”). Said Others may or may not have been part of the Dharma Initiative. They may or may not be connected with the Hanso Foundation. They may or may not have found a way to tap into some forces of nature, which may or may not involve psychic powers, healing powers, Uri Geller-esque mentalism and fun with magnets.

As for why the conspiracy theories that abound on the Lost-obsessive message boards, I am not sure if all of the Lostaways are connected to each other simply because we are ALL six degrees from Kevin Bacon, I mean, rather, six degress of separation, or if somehow all of the Lostaways were “handpicked” to end up on Craphole Island, as the late, great Shannon called it. I do, however, assume that the plane crash that brought them there was the result of some sort of foul play on the part of the Others and entirely intentional. I also have a suspicion that Jack’s Christian dad, I mean, rather, Jack’s dad, Christian, is not dead at all. I have a suspicion that Sawyer, who has a tendency to get shot, and often, will end up seriously injured if not dead tonight. If he ends up dead, I will be very, very sad because he is, like, so friggin sexy, and I don’t want to not see him on my TV screen. I also have a suspicion that Eko could end up dead – a martyr of sorts. I don’t feel as if there is much mystery left to Lost at the moment. But I see that as a good thing. I don’t feel confused watching it anymore. That is also a good thing. It’s just a well-written, suspenseful series. It doesn’t have to be the millenium’s answer to Twin Peaks. It just has to entertain.

Which this post was not designed to do.

Remember, you were warned.


4 seconds

May 23, 2006

That was how long Sir had my hands BOUND IN SUPTA K today!!!!!!!!!!

And I seemingly got a pat on the head, or the back, don’t remember which.

The key to progress in Supta K is, apparently, to ignore it and focus on the poses that come before it.

The constant refrain.

Beyond wrists in Mari A today. Barely wrists in B and C. A nice good hand clasp in D. Vinyasas, not so stellar after Purvotanasana, but then, asanas are the thang right now. Someday it will all come together, or it will seem to, until I look back at some later point and realize that it wasn’t actually together at all, but NOW it is….

Spent the rest of the afternoon in what felt like a trip to the Dharma Initiative (Lost fans will know), subjected, as I was, to all measure of cognitive testing.

Dr. R: “Repeat after me: 1 3 8 5 7 4 9″……….”Okay, now backwards”………”OK, now every other number”…..”Okay, now what was the name of the fisherman in that story I told you back about an hour ago?”………”Okay, so let’s say it takes eight machines to do the job in 6 hours, and 96 machines to do the job in a half hour, how much wood CAN a woodchuck chuck, would you say?”…………

Me: drooooooooool

I got yelled at for checking my written work over before handing it back to her, and she even took away my eraser at one point.

Why did I subject myself to this? Because my insurance company told me I had to. Your tax dollars at work. Or your insurance premiums, at least. Who IS this shrink who gets paid by insurance companies to disprove the disability claims of people who’ve suffered enough?




Touching down

May 22, 2006

Banner day: I touched my own hands down on the ground in Prasarita Padotannasana C!!! Hooray for me!!! This is such a milestone for me, and so key to gaining rotator cuff mobility. I actually did it at home yesterday too, but I didn’t mention it because I felt like perhaps it was a fluke, or perhaps it was simply a function of being in the comfort of my own home (if you couldn’t tell, I am one of those people who has better home practices than shala practices, but I go to the shala because I think it will help me to improve my practice overall). But it seems to have stuck! Oooooh, the way it feels to touch ground with pinky fingers over my head……Ahhh.

And thanks to Jody’s(subliminal?) suggestion, I jumped into every standing posture….I am such a sucker for a challenge. It felt good, by the way.

Overall, practice was delicious today. I wish I could figure out why some days are just so sweet. I was all about the asanas today. I had absolutely no idea what was going on around me, who was there, who was doing what. I did every vinyassa (always do), but I didn’t focus on them in terms of “how am I doing at these”, but rather as a way of neutralizing my spine between postures.

I am so glad that I asked Sir about what postures prepare one for Supta K. When he said that it was the Marichyasanas and that ordinarily a student is deeper in the Marichyasanas (than me) before moving onto Supta K, instead of getting paranoid about it, I decided to “feast” on the Marichyasanas. And let me just say, I feel nourished. No more rushing through them to get to the fancy and enticing, but ultimately, unsatisfying Supta K. Someday, I hope that Supta K can “fill me up”. But right now, not so much. And so, I am once again enjoying my journey. My sole complaint, and it’s a small one, is that in C’s desire to really help me to get deeper into the Marichyasanas, I end up feeling rushed to get into the postures. Sometimes she comes up to me and moves me into them, without giving me a chance to do so myself. I have this desire to pout, like a toddler, “NO! I DO IT BY SELF!” But I figure that this is also part of my journey, one of the challenges, and ultimately, it’s being done for a reason. If I was going to get into every pose by myself, I could just do it at home. So, I let it happen, and I end up deeper in the poses for it. So my complaint is not exactly a complaint. More an acknowledgement of one of my inner struggles….

And there you have it.

I just want to add that I am wearing a FREAKIN’ WINTER COAT today. It is May 21. And I am wearing a down jacket. It is bright and sunny, yes, but it is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very cold out.


Birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom!

May 21, 2006

Today, I slept late (9:00 a.m.) and then did a self-practice. It went nicely. I don’t sweat that much when I practice at home. I wonder why that is. It’s nice because the lack of sweat means that the Marichyasanas can be much deeper. Being able to get into C and D on the first try is a nice confidence booster. Kurmasana was chest-to-the floor, but Supta K is, of course, a million miles away.

Later on, we threw Adam’s seventh birthday party at Randall’s Island Golf Center…in the middle of the weirdest weather system I’ve ever seen in New York ity. When we got to the Island, it was drizzling lightly, but strangely bright out. As soon as we got out of the car, we heard big, giant claps of thunder and saw bright flashes of lightning. Not an auspicious day for golf. Or so it seemed. I felt badly for having all these people (16 kids and their parents) come out for a golf party in the middle of a thunderstorm. Not just badly, actually, worried. You know, electrocution risks and all. But before I could get wound up, the sun broke through again, although only on one side of the island. Not that the kids noticed. They were off and running, playing mini-golf, eating chips, and just basically having a blast. Pretty soon, the clouds were completely gone, and it became this incredibly bright and beautiful afternoon. Whew.

And I feel fine.