I’ll have a Jivamukti Express with an Ashtanga Back

May 31, 2006

Well, well, what do you know? I didn’t get my ass down to the shala today. Instead, I actually did a whole bunch of errands that I had been putting off. When my plate was clear, around 11, I decided that I would try the new, old, Uptown Jivamukti, for something different, something fast. They have 45 minute express classes at noon. Off I went. Let me tell you, it feels damn good to be able to do EVERYTHING in a class. Once in a while, it is really, really nice.

I don’t know if Jiva Uptown is going to make it, anymore than they made it in the past. There were only three people in the room today – me, another student and the teacher. And it’s not like I am going to become a regular there.

Afterwards, I had one more errand to run at the synagogue, which entailed a fair amount of waiting around – I had to register the kids for next year’s Hebrew School with the registrar, and she was up to her elbows in registrations. So, I went, checked in with the registrar and then went into an empty classroom and did my seated postures. I felt great. Could be the Jivamukti class, could be the weather – far less humid today than it has been.

In any event, what to do tomorrow? I guess we shall see. I need to get back to the shala, I know I do. Sometimes though, I just love practicing by myself. It’s so much less crowded! So much less body heat! And it’s entirely doable since I don’t “need” the adjustments other than in Supta K, and even then, well, I can do some interesting self-assists in Supta K that I can’t do when I am being adjusted AT the shala.

Anyway, I think I need to get down to the shala, if only for the sheer discipline of getting down to the shala.

Tomorrow is another day…



When life gives you lemons,

May 31, 2006

make lemonade…

And so here is the definitive Yoga Chickie recipe for making homemade lemonade:

Have onhand a large quantity (at least 10) large, organic lemons because you are going to drink this as fast as you’re going to be making it. For each 8 oz glass, use one large lemon. Cut the lemon in half. Then slice several times into each half in order to get the juices flowing. Then squeeze each half right into a pitcher, allowing the seeds and pulp to go in with the juice. Throw in some ice cubes and water to equal 8 oz per whole lemon, then throw in some of the empty lemon rinds. Cover the pitcher and shake well. Strain into glasses. Sweeten to taste. YUM.

Self-practice is getting kind of old. I think I will head down to Shala X tomorrow morning. Is it wrong to bring a change of clothing, to change halfway through practice? I was seriously sweating BUCKETS today in my home practice and actually changed into fresh clothes right before Mari D….is that bad?


Dream it

May 30, 2006

Last night I dreamt that I was able to get myself into Kapotasana – my fingers were touching my toes (I hope you don’t mind my using your photo, Sara). When I woke up, my back was stiff and sore.

Still, I think it’s a good sign.


Where art thou

May 30, 2006


…Time Warner City Cable?

Both have been out of service subtantially all weekend…I am at a loss. I am being forced to interact with…actual, live people….perish the thought…


Kissed by Kapha?

May 29, 2006

Just throwing this out there, seeing where it lands, seeing if I come back to this someday and say “AHA!”. Or perhaps just “HA”.

After waking up at 5:30 AM on Saturday to self-practice at 6:30 AM (full Primary), and then teaching a “Power Yoga” class at Boom Fitness (on a one-off basis…good money for an hour’s work right in the nabe), and then spending four hours in Westport, Connecticut, looking at houses and wishing that we weren’t merely window-shopping for research purposes, and THEN meeting our good friends JB and Eye at the Weston Town Fair, where we spent four hours following our collective five kids around as they ran maniacally from ride to ride, and FINALLY spending the NEXT two hours sitting around the kitchen table of JB and Eye, talking about the joys of country living and about life in general….after all that….I woke up Sunday morning with a throat that felt as if I had swallowed a handful of bees. It felt itchy and thick and it hurt to swallow…

I spent almost all of Sunday in pajamas while The Husband tended to the needs of the kids and even Lewis the Bagle. Later on, close to 6 p.m., I drifted off into a half-sleep that ended with me hearing the haunting Donnie Darko version of “Mad World” looping through my head. I lied there for a bit, humming along with myself, and picturing myself doing some sun salutations…and in moments, I popped out of bed, rolled my mat out on my terrace (which is enclosed with windows, so technically it really is a sunroom), and turned my iPod on….

I don’t know what it was about my practice on Sunday. It was close to 7 p.m. when I began and 8:20 when I finished all of Primary. A willing twist and willing shoulders in an ALMOST full expression of Parivritta Parsvakonasana (everything but the heel of my hand was on the floor…which is the deepest expression I can manage so far). Hands to the floor in Prasarita Padotanasana C. No pauses, no dawdling, nice vinyasas. Wrist binds in Mari A and B, getting close to wrists in Mari C, but most importantly, finding that I can get a satisfyingly deep Mari C with a minimum of “ticks” and “tweaks” (to the point where it is becoming my favorite Marichyasana…weird), and easily getting myself fully and satisfyingly deep into Mari D (hands securely locked, but so far no hint of wrists). Two bujapidasanas because I was wearing shorts and getting sweaty, which made me slip off my legs in the final transition to chatturanga on the first one (I opened the window for the second one). And ah….Kurmasana….so lovely – lifting butt and heels off the floor (thank you Kiran for posting about that on the EZ Board in 2002 – else I never would have even thought of it), even if only for a breath. I got myself out of Kurmasana to calm my breath and then got back into it, with a towel at the ready. Somehow, and I know this is really odd, I got deeper into it than I ever have gotten with an assist, with the exception that I obviously wasn’t going to get my hands to bind and used a towel instead. But it just felt right. At that point, so sweaty that Garba Pindasana just slipped right into place, I decided to go for it…instead of just lying there stretching and recovering from Supta K, I decided to asana my way into neutralizing my spine….and so finished Primary (it only takes about five to seven minutes, I realized). Backbends were good. Finishing poses were a restorative delight.

I walked away from practice marveling at how good it was, considering how low-energy and yucky I had been feeling all day. And the thought occurred to me: our dominant doshas can shift and change depending on things like illness, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, etc. So, perhaps having had a virus on Sunday, my pitta and vata hardness and heat had given way to my highly dormant kapha softness and ease? I am sure that my next practice will be every bit as pitta (with a little vata thrown in) as usual. But it was delightful to be kissed by kapha for once…..and certainly a silver lining in a day clouded over by feeling like crap.

On a related front, it occurs to me: Brian is WAY dominated by pitta. He is a firey redhead who is petite but lanky and who sweats like NOBODY’s business. I have never seen such a sweaty child, to tell you the truth. He is not soft and flexible like Adam, who doesn’t get as sweaty and doesn’t have the same issues with heat (Brian hates being hot and can often be seen embarassing me by turning up in a t-shirt at the end of a winter day in school, having left his sweater and coat in his cubby). And Brian is fiercely determined, highly competitive and has the best uth-pluti I have ever seen from a child.

On other fronts, here’s hoping that Ashtangi.net comes back up soon and that Julie doesn’t have too much stress about it.


Currency, coda

May 27, 2006

Adrianna passed away on Wednesday night. I have to admit that lately, I had been crossing the street to avoid her. I just didn’t want to be bothered with her increasingly incoherent outbursts. Now, I am surprised to feel kind of sad and a bit empty, knowing that I will never again see her in front of D’Agastono when I walk my dog.


The other inevitable Lost post

May 26, 2006

With the understanding that trying to “understand” Lost is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when you only have half the pieces, here are my observations on the Season Finale of Lost (with a few of my own theories thrown in, again with the understanding that I have only some of the pieces of the puzzle):

  • Desmond refers to the Others as “the Hostiles” and tells Sayid, in reference to Sayid’s implied interest in sailing over to “the Hostiles”‘ camp, “Ignorance is bliss.”
  • I am guessing that “The Incident” referred to in the Orientation Tape for The Swan hatch is what brought the Others to the island. Dr. Candle/Wickman says that shortly after the Dharma Initiative’s experiments began, there was an “Incident”, after which the protocol (of entering “The Numbers” that add up to 108, every 108 minutes) has been (and must continue to be) observed. Since Desmond’s failure to enter the numbers in a timely fashion caused Flight 815 to crash as a result of intense electro-magnetic activity, it seems possible to me that at some earlier time, some sort of electro-magnetic activity caused a plane or ship (or other mode of transportation…a spaceship, perhaps?!) to crash on the island…thus bringing the “Others” to the Island. It seems highly unlikely that the Others are members or even former members of the Dharma Initiative. It also seems likely that the Dharma Initiative has failed to send “replacements” for Kelvin, perhaps as a result of the hostility of the “Others”. Why the Others are hostile, what the Others are trying to do…well, that remains a complete mystery. A possible theory: I know that this sounds really flaky, but perhaps they are not from this planet?
  • Libby, whose last name must be significant because we have not learned it as of yet, seems awfully and inappropriately anxious to give Desmond her giant yacht. Seems suspicious. I am guessing that she was sent by someone (perhaps Charles Widmore, father of Desmond’s love, Penelope Widmore) to make sure that Desmond goes sailing in the vicinity of Craphold Island and gets pulled into the island by the electro-magnetic force (which would have to be unleashed by someone failing to enter the numbers in a timely fashion, i.e., Kelvin) for a dual purpose: (1) to be gone forever from Penelope’s life and (2) to take over for Kelvin in perpetual button-pushing slavery.
  • As for Libby’s dead husband, it must be significant that she refers to him as “David”. “Dave” was the name of Hurley’s imaginary friend in the looney bin. Guess who else was an inmate in said bin at the same time as Hurley? One Libby Last-Name-As-Yet-Unknown. We know that Libby is a talented hypnotist, from her having helped Claire to get in touch with her memories of her abduction by the Others/Hostiles. Thus, it seems possible that Libby was the one who planted the name “David” or “Dave” in Hurley’s head. Why she would do that? I don’t have a clue.
  • But does that mean that Libby knew about the work of the Dharma Initiative? I don’t have a clue to that either.
  • By far the funniest and funnest thing about the episode was learning that Faux-Henry is the LEADER of the Others! Hooray for Henry! He is da balls! I love the little pissing contest that transpires between Henry and Mr. Friendly over Mr. Friendly abandoning hiscamo-beard. It does beg the question though: who would recognize Mr. Friendly? And from where?
  • Thank goodness Sawyer wasn’t killed off! PHEW! It will be interesting to see what goes on in the Others’ camp, which is what next season will inevitably be “about”.
  • Nice of Walt to not give a rat’s ass about what happens to Vincent the dog, Where did that dog go, anyway? Or….is this a clue to the fact that something is “off” about “Walt”, or rather, the “Walt” that leaves the island with Michael via the now famous, “Pala Ferry”.
  • I think the bird really did screach “Hurley!” Could it have been sent by Walt?
  • BIG disappointment that Sawyer told Kate that he “thought” that Jack meant “something else” when he told them that he and Kate had been “caught in a net”. A little mystery please???
  • OK, now this is a complaint I have with the writing: HOW could Desmond have forgotten what happened the day that he didn’t push the button??!!! HOW could he have not remembered an event as cataclysmic as that?? Good lord, I mean, things in that hatch were flying around in the air. There was a crushingly loud noise. He forgot that? I don’t care how drunk he was. You don’t forget something like that. If he had bothered to remember it, or if the writers had bothered to make up something plausible, like, i.e., him remembering it, he would never have helped Locke to lock down the hatch, causing Eko and “Cholly” to blow themselves up (or almost blow themselves up)
  • Second funniest and funnest moment: Sawyer: “Dharma Nutribar?” Hurley: “No thanks, not hungry.” Sawyer: “REALLY?”
  • Didn’t these people take Psychology 101 in school? Everyone who’s ever taken a Psych class knows that psychological experiments are NEVER about what they claim to be about. Thus, if Candle/Wick told his subjects that they were going to observe the activities of the number-entering Swan Hatchers, then there is no WAY that the experiment had anything to do with what was going on in the Swan Hatch. Turns out, in fact, that the copious notes taken by the Pearl Hatchers regarding the goings on in the Swan Hatch were completely ignored, left to pile up in a clearing on the island. Likely, the Pearl Hatchers were being observed, themselves (and there were monitors in the Pearl Hatch). So, for Locke to have taken the Orientation films literally, well, that was a potentially fatal mistake.
  • But I do doubt that Locke is dead. Eko as well. I doubt they are off the show – they are popular characters.
  • No idea what the four-toed, ginormous statue was. It reminded me of Planet of the Apes, where they see the Statue of Liberty, lying fallen on the NYC shoreline. Oh wait….I have to amend what I said before about the Twilight Zone: Planet of the Apes AND Terminator (Part 1 ONLY) are excellent examples of the Twilight Zone genre.
  • Mr. Friendly has a name! TOM. And Ms. Klugh is Bea. Another little pissing contest going on there. The petty disagreements amongst any group will always be the same, apparently. Someone becomes the de facto leader (Jack-Henry), someone else the de facto thug (Friendly-Sawyer), someone else the yin voice of reason (Kate-Klugh), and so forth….
  • Why does Alex Rousseau look upset/scared when she sees the ferry carrying Henry and “Walt”?
  • Why are the Others always barefoot?
  • Why is Locke so hell-bent on stopping everyone else from pushing the buttons? Since when does Locke really care about anyone else’s welfare?
  • Desmond acheives what he needed to: by using the key to stop the electro-magnetic thing once and for all, he earns back his honor. You can see it in his eyes.
  • If the Others are “The Good Guys”, then who are the “bad guys”?
  • Kate and Jack seem to have some sort of plan – the whole eye-blinking thing.
  • The final takes place off the island in the present. I believe this is the first time this happens on the show.
  • Charlie’s behavior when he returns to the othre Lostaways is just plain weird. He’s not hysterical. He’s not anything. And he asks if Eko and Locke were back yet and seems surprised that that are not? Heh?
  • Speaking of strange behavior, the Lostaways don’t seem to be acting strange, scared, hysterical or anything about the explosion that just happened with no explanation and for no apparent reason. The violet light. The hatch cover that falls from the sky into their camp. No one got hurt! It all seems so odd. I hope that this gets explained next season.

And that’s all she wrote.